RegTech for small financial institutions

    How can Ingenia help me access RegTech for my business?

    At Ingenia, we are pursuing a second level of access to regtech for small financial institutions. We leverage our position as a specialised service provider in compliance to multiple small financial institutions for their benefit.

    1. We identify the regtech solutions that allow smaller financial institutions to benefit from the economies of scale.
    2. We operate these regtech tools on behalf of our clients applying our expertise to optimise results.

    We select best-in-class solutions fitting the needs of smaller financial institutions from regtech providers that allow us to use their systems for our clients. One system at a time, we make sophisticated systems and their advanced capabilities available to the small financial institutions we service. At the same time, we apply our understanding of small financial institutions to tailor the systems to them. Moreover, we operate the systems applying our expertise to gain efficiencies and to adapt the systems to current developments. Joining us on our journey for technological advancement our clients thus benefit from the best of many worlds: They reap the benefits of regtech in a way that is tailored to small financial institutions and applied by experts.

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